Who we are?

Inkubator ideja is creative studio focused on visual communication, specializing in branding and identity. We are creating and redesigning brands.

Our services including creating a visual identities, marketing materials, packaging, websites, email campaigns and other materials necessary to create an authentic experience of the brand.

Constantly evolve our skills and knowledge, equal as our work process, but the goals remain the same. Work closely with clients and building partnership, we are introducing them in the design process, how we could get a better results.

After including all factors and components that influence the project, we make creative and practical solutions for brand.

Using knowledge and experience, we are able solving each design task for clients, ranging from small business to global corporations, in both industries, business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C).

We really love to work with clients who value and understand the importance of investing in brand, based in Zagreb / Croatia / EU, but we work worldwide.

If you want to know more, please contact us.

Antonio Tepić – founder and creative director at Inkubator ideja, in design since the beginning of his career, working over 20 years in various fields of visual communication.

Passion for design allows him to every project seen as a unique opportunity, to create something remarkable and perfectly fitted for clients/brand, whether it is a print or digital materials.

Know how create entirely new concepts, design systems or simply how to create a new brand and bringing it to life.

Demonstrates its expertise through work, rather than talking because design should speak for itself.

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